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ISO 17799: Compliance Software

The Standard

ISO17799, covers the whole gamut of security issues. It consists of ten discrete sections, each focusing upon a specific aspect (ranging from Systems Development to Business Continuity). Within these, the detailed standards and controls are documented and explained.

The Problem

But how do you measure your compliance level? Thereafter, how should you plan and implement changes to improve the situation? In short, how do you shape up and what can you do to comply?

The Solution

ISO17799 Security Consultant is a knowledge based PC product designed to guide you through this exercise. It will carefully measure your compliance, making specific recommendations where appropriate.

Through a series of questions with multiple choice responses, ISO17799 Security Consultant will take you through the whole of the Code. It will:

  • Establish your compliance level for each of the ten categories covered

  • Identify which additional controls can be applied to increase compliance and thus improve your security

  • Produce a comprehensive and professional report, in business format.

ISO17799 Security Consultant is extremely easy to use, and requires no prior training. It is extremely flexible, focusing upon your individual needs and culture. Unlike other approaches, it is not just 'an electronic tick list', but actually delivers added value - containing real knowledge and expertise. It acts as a true consultant, but with unquestionable objectivity.

If you wish to gauge your position against the code, or simply wish to improve your security and compliance level, ISO17799 Security Consultant is the essential aid.

Product Modification

Through an optional Module Manager component/system, the facility is provided to tailor the system to unique individual requirements or company culture. The questions, reports, and underlying profiles and recommendations can all be readily changed using this system.

Again, simplicity of use and flexibility is the key. The whole of the ISO17799 Security Consultant knowledge base can be altered and adapted with ease.

Further Information

For more information on the ISO17799 Security Consultant system, please contact C&A; Systems Security Ltd or any of their authorized distributors.

Alternatively, to evaluate or trial the product, visit the Download Page.