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ISO17799, ISO 27000 and Computer Security News

ISO 17799 is an extremely comprehensive and detailed standard. Compliance, therefore, will require both a methodical and measured approach. It will also require commitment, as well as access to appropriate tools and products.

The ISO 17799 Service & Software Directory is intended to assist any organization seeking to improve its compliance position with respect to the standard... perhaps as a prelude to full certification. As well as information on the standard itself, it provides direct links to tools and products designed to make the process easier... including downloadable trial versions.

Whether you are entirely new to ISO 17799, or whether you are well on the path to compliance/certification, the directory should hopefully prove to be of significant value.




For information on the contents of ISO 17799, see our 'what is it' page. Our presentation considers the history of ISO 17799, how it has evolved, and what the future might hold.

ISO 17799, ISO17799 and BS7799

The 17799 standard itself (BS ISO/IEC 17799: 2005) can be downloaded and bought from BSI's ISO 17799 Electronic Shop, or from SNV Online.

OR: You can now buy the standard as part of a downloadable ISO17799 starter kit: The ISO17799 Toolkit.


The ISO 17799 Toolkit is a collection of items to help you address ISO17799 more easily. It includes the ISO17799 standard itself, compliant security policies, audit checklists, continuity resources, a 17799 road map, etc

A good introduction to the standard, including a method, strategy and software tool can be found at Security Management Group's BS7799 Zone

For a general resource portal Resources for Security Risk Analysis, Security Policies, ISO 17799 and Security Audit is recommended




Security risk analysis is a basic requirement of ISO 17799... one which brings a range of benefits. Various resources are available to assist with this:

For information on the theory of security risk analysis, and some background details, 'Introduction to Security Risk Analysis' is an excellent start point

Pcorp's Security Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment & Risk Management provides a sound basis to choosing the right approach and gives details of the COBRA method. Security Risk Assessment & Risk Analysis: How & Why! again describes the method and approach


ISO 17799: "Management should set a clear policy direction and demonstrate support for, and commitment to, information security through the issue and maintenance of an information security policy across the organization"

Extremely clear. But do you have a policy? Does it match up to the demands of ISO 17799?

Fortunately, an excellent set of pre-written ISO17799 compliant security policies, and an extremely effective desktop delivery mechanism can be obtained from Security Policy World.  The policies themselves are also cross referenced with ISO17799.




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Are you responsible for security within your organization? If so, the RUsecure Security Manual provides a detailed reference and guide for all aspects of information security management, including roles, responsibilities and implementation.

Consultancy: If you are seeking on-site help, perhaps consultancy or training, our ISO17799 Service Page may point you in the right direction.

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ISO 17799 NEWS



December 2000: ISO 17799 Officially Published. July 2005: Re-published.

The first of the ISO 27000 standards has been published, ISO 27001. It is mooted that ISO 17799 will eventually become ISO 27002. For more information see: ISO 27000 / ISO27000

A number of ISO 17799 and information security related products can now be downloaded from our multi-vendor software page. Also, a selection of information security books can also be purchased online and shipped worldwide. Published ISO17799 papers can be viewed here.


Section 12 of the standard embraces security audit. The e-Security Toolkit comprises questionnaires & checklists and has been identified as a useful aid

Portcullis offer the: iSecurityShop. For specific solutions, we have compiled: cryptography, intrusion detection systems, penetration testing, computer security policies, as400 security & audit, PGP and enterprise security & audit

Disaster Recovery World is a generic portal for business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

We hope that this directory has been of substantial use. If not present within the site itself, the links provided should direct you to a suitable source. If, however, you need any further assistance, or have any comments on this portal, please contact us



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